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@Aekashics, I want to do a Kickstarter for manufacturing 2D tabletop miniatures and am interested in using your artwork for some of the minis I manufacture (akin to Paizo's pawns but higher quality). Your terms of use talk about video games, but don't mention anything about tabletop games (e.g. D&D). Would our manufacturing and selling 2D minis using your artwork be acceptable?

Hello ProLam! for printed media, you can use them commercially yes, all I ask is to be credited somewhere visible in the actual printed good, for instance in cards , somewhere on the front of each card featuring a llibrarium design, the same way Magic the gathering handles crediting. Let me know if you have any other question!

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Hi how to import the dragon bones animated characters to use in godot game engine? I don't want to use rpg maker. I don't see the dragonbones project file. I can't open any files in dragonbones. Thanks :).

Trying to use the files for a game jam. Since you already animated them in dragon-bones, don't want to repeat the process.

Hello Kalponic!

Only the db exports are provided, db source files were sent out to patrons during the periods when these releases debuted individually, they can still be scopped here in my shop under the previous reward sets category or my gumroad, found through my main site !

are your creations useable in Unity?

Correct! Librarium assets are not restricted to any specific engine, so you can use them in Unity/Unreal/Godot/ etc !

Wonderful! Helped me a lot :)

Glad to hear that! :D

will all of these work in rpg maker MV? or is it just the battlers?


Everything in this pack is formatted to work with MV!

awesome thanks for the reply and the hard work you put into this

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Thanks a lot for your assets!

Thank you Chen!


Hello, Aekashics, I would like to inform you that I'll most probably use some of the art in this pack for my very first project, that I intend to call "Wonders Beyond", as I find it simply stunning! I will make sure to credit you! I hope it is all right by you too.


Thanks a lot for your kind words and support!

Very well!

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I would like to use your animations in the game I am designing now including those that one could get through pledge. Unfortunately i couldn't pay online as of now. If only there is a way i could use your designs now and pay in the future once I get my game out in the market, I would be willling to give more just like how UnrealEngine does it...

hello, I just wanna ask about the static battlers, can we edit it and add animations for our games?

Hello! So long as edits are kept to your game and not rereleased as group/individual assets, and credit to me is still given, yup! That falls within the terms of use!

Thank you, Ækashics for the fantastic free artwork!  I used some of it in my game, Crisis of the Middle Ages.  I credited you and added a link back to your site, but let me know if you need anything else.  

Congrats on your game's release!

Thanks Aekashics!  I did run into one crediting issue.  Google Play rejected my app for Android TV due to links out to external sites.  I am going to include a link out to your site in the text file that contains the credits shipped with my APK, but I'll have to remove all links from all of my credits that are displayed in the game (I will still credit Aekashics in the in game credits)  Please let me know if you have any concerns with this approach.

In that case, the crediting scheme you will resort to is okay!

Thanks for reaching out!

Thank you so much! I love all the art :)

Happy to hear! Thank you!

Thank you very much for these AEkashics! You are very talented at art!

Thank you Boos! :D


really love those guys. 

Haha thank you! :D


Thank you, Ækashics!!

Thank you for using Librarium Assets!


Wow this is very awesome pack you have here! I might have to try those animated battlers and test them out on my game.

Refer to the dragonbones integgration demo if you are unsure how to add dragonbones battlers to your game!