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Thanks for assets! I made a game with it:

Amazing <3

Hey, how do i import it into unity? I only see the .json, txt and png files and don't know what to do with it. Unity does not do anything with it and i think your "how to use" document is only for RPG Maker.

I would love to see more of the Megazord-type monsters for this collection.

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these are great considering they are free. but i don't see alot of frontview sprites for your static battlers. like earth spawn, cave worm. While you do have for the more common ones, it'd be nice to include the non common ones so that they can appear in a map as appose to just a number region battle like pokemon. I'm making an underground training area and wanted to add earth spawn or one of the cave dwellers but don't see the icons for them when i change the character selection to show a monster on the map.

friend I'm creating a commercial card game, I would like to know if I can use the assets, predent to put your name or your website at the end of the game.

the use of Librarium assests is allowed in card games, just gotta follow the crediting schemes outlined over at :)

hi i would like to create a comeial card game. I'm Brazilian and I don't know how to use the resources. but I wanted to know if I can sell the game using your arts as the main objects of the game? 

sorry about my English !

Librarium assets are allowed for commercial usage!

I suggest you check out their specific terms of use here:

Terms of use – Ækashics Librarium (

can anybody explain how to use these? i usailly work w pixel sprites and whille these are top quaility i am wonderind how to use them

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I can't think of many instances where someone has contributed so much for free and such quality to RPG Maker community in a single artistic project. Even more so that you have allowed editing of them within use in a game is very commendable.

I am very selective about things like Patreon. I usually only use services like that to support people who make things like history lectures etc. But for someone who did that much work, it will be an easy choice. ONE DOLLAR a month for access to an absolute bunch more of these!?

It is really great work, I hope you are proud of your achievement.

Thanks for yoru kind words and support animus!

I has been viable thanks to devs like you :)

I hope future librarium assets will inspire you!

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Where am i able to contact you via dm for some more specific questions?

Is it okey if i use assets for a tcg?

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Hello there, awesome drawings :D My question: Are these ok with commercial use in my RPGMaker game/s? When I credit you I am good to go? 

Thanks in advance ^^


commercial usage is allowed!

you can find the ToU in detail over at for the specifics! :D


Thankgoodness!!! was going to ask that too. thank you they are fantastic!!!!

Hey Ækashics,

Question, is there a place where I can get the 4-Direction Map Sprites for everything in this bundle? (Partially, or fully) I don't mind paying, as I think it's worth it. I just can't find a place where I cant get them.

Thank you for your time,


Hello CMD!

apologies I didn't get a notification for this reply, you can grab the 2017-2019 compilations over here at! 2020 onwards resides and is on patreon!

hi can i use one of your sprites as an icon for the game?  and also is it possible to insert one of your sprites (or several) into the description of the game? thank you for such wonderful works of art)

You can use it for the icon! you can find a more detailed breakdown of the Terms of use over at, or find evven more assets over at patreon even at the $1 slime tier!

Thanks for your  kind words!

hello Aekashics. can I use these assets for creating a video project on my youtube channel?

as long as credit is given, certainly

sure. thank you .

Hello, can you please tell me the name of the license? CC BY 4.0 (Attribution)?

Looks like it doesn’t follow a CC license, but has custom terms of use:

It starts like Attribution as you suggested, but the big difference is that redistribution (as a resource, as opposed to being embedded in a product) is not allowed. Please check the link for full explanations.

this is correct!

Can I use these assets to create a shooting game? Also, can I post it on this my page?


Yes you can use Librarium assets for a shootin game,

however for your second questionI would kindly ask you not to reupload and repost the ultra bundle to other websites, and link to this page instead :) 

Deleted 1 year ago

thanks for the reply 

Now that the game is complete, I'll report it. I am grateful

Fantastic!!! beautiful.

Thanks for the support!

So, wait. This contains EVERY Librarium monster so far?

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Ah nope!

Those would be the Librarium Batch Libraries available over here:

They are essentially double the size of the ultra pack nowadays!

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Wow... You should combine them all into like an Insanepack or something XD I mean like if that's not what the batch library is I guess.

Hello Aekashic! Can I use your images for comercial games ?



All Librarium releases and assets are allowed for comemrcial usage, you can find the ToU in depth over here:

Hello Aekashic! I am a member of you on patreon and I develped a free game named 'Monster Rebirth' which use the animated battlers from you.

It's a game with roguelike dungeon and monster fusion system and unlimited battlers system.

you can use monster fusion whice make two monsters into a different one with their skills.

You can fight the battle with all of your monster. 

Once you defeat a monster it will join your party but once a monster you own is defeated it is gone for good.

But the computer which is under english operation system maybe can't load this game because some bgms 's name are Japanese. So I uploaded a fixed version and I hope you like it. Thanks again.  

The original one:

The english fixed one:

Very nice Valhall! Congratulations!

I will check it out!

Quick Question, big fan of your work I love these battlers. Can these be 

used in MZ, I'm genuinely wondering.

yes they can!
Librarium assets are not tied to any engine in particular as they are either png format, assembled png sheets or .json exports !

Question, would it allowed to use these in written commercial works? Proper attribution will be given. If not, I do understand. 


Yes you can!

This also applies to battlers which have been released over at patreon!

great work, I used this asset in my game: .

hope you like it.

excellent work!

This is awesome


amazing work i will use your size for my own games again you art its great and i will credit you in my own games


Much appreciated, thank you! Best of luck!

Hey Aekashics,

Love your work, been subscribed to your patreon for quite some months now. I'm creating a Rogue-lite clicker game called Hero Clicker using your pack as enemies/summons.

I already credited you for your work whenever people ask about it also will put you in the credits!

Great work love it and thanks!

Thanks for the support and interest! I am currently pumping out all the  content from previous months along the new stuff so definitely stay tuned!

Hello, love your battlers they are quite beautiful and well made.

Any chance you plan on making some agents with gun and things like that for scifi

games? Currently making one and would scoop that one up as i do most of your assests.  image of a static battler that i was asking about is below. Trying to do it myself in dragon bones but love your art style more.

Hey Sp00nman! Librarium has a suggestion system over at patreon where you can list out a suggestion like this, even at the lowest pledge tier, $1 per update cycle, you can make monster suggestions!

One question... can they be resized to better for my game ?, static and animated??

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yes you can with the notepad 

<Attack animation: 7>

<DragonBone Settings>

Battler: *your battlers name*

Scalex: -0.8

Scaley: 0.8

Width: 435

Height: 605


Is that in the note section on the enemy making screen?


simply answer YES 👍


Nice, nice. Luckily this is in MZ so I'll have to test

A wonderful collection of materials.

Please use it for the game I'm making.

Let us know when you complete it!


omg perfect!


Very useful for my prototyping with Godot (using a customized version of the Open RPG Template). A simple file name search allows me to find fitting sprites very fast.

Most are monsters but I reused some sprites for party members, just flipping them horizontally. I’m just using the static sprites right now, as it’s enough for prototyping and gives me more choices of art.

Glad to have helped out in that process!

wow that's a lot of art! with a very nice style! ♥


Thank you!

 A question, I plan to create a rpg game and I would like to know what I have to put in the credit, only Aekashics or I put

Either would be okay!


I have a question for this, is this pack commissionable for any games we make?

Commissionable as in usable? BEcause if so, the answer is yes!

Used some of the monsters for my clicker project.

Awesome images.

nice clickker!

Hello there Aekashics, I would like to talk to you about potentially paying you to add more battlers from my imagination to your collection.  I'm sure you are fairly busy but, if you are curious please email me at blankswhoisthat@yahoo thank you for your time :)


First let me tell you that I love your work :) Good job you done.

I am an old fan of browser games, and I want to build one. I dont find anything about this in ToS , where it say we can use in any game engine and the game I will build is practically a site that will run in browser. (like gladiatus, ogame, bitefight, torn etc if you know )

It is allowed to use librarium pack for this?

Also I want to buy the NPC packs for same project ( and other paid packs )

Of course I will also join on Patreon.

Best Regards and good luck

Hello Kosmin!

You can use Librarium assets for any target platform, or develop in any engine of your choice!

Thanks for your interest and support!

Will all of these work for RPGM MV or just the Format Animated Battlers?

All should work!

Grateful for your world class art. I hope that this will inspire you, want to know your opinion . My attempt is still in Alpha: (SO HAPPY about sprites, still cannot believe that it is for free even in commercial games).

its actually very nice! I like this type of games :)

I also apologize for the late reply!

Better late than never. As I wrote in the post, at some point in your artist journey, you more think about MEANINGFUL impact of your art. Sadly making QUALITATIVE these type of games is an uphill battle (especially as a hobbyist). In my exp, even cooperating with mental health NGO there comes time, when they do not have enough resources and must be discontinued the project or at least freeze for a few months. And without them there is not enough expertise to make the content, effectively test it. And although slowly the industry changes, including more mental health games, the industry (especially publishers) will not truly embrace it until the breakthrough hit (like "Slay the spire" did for rogue like deck builders). Sorry for the rant, but when the system vastly enables escapism and suppresses solving the underlying problem, you know that it is a bad system. So called "whales" and how they are used is a great example.

is there any possible way to get your tilesets separately? I've been looking for them


Currently they only exist as part of Librarium Patreon reward sets!

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