Librarium's catch up megapack! A 190+ Creature expansion worth looking into!

Hello everyone!

I never really made a post related to this Megapack after its original publishing, but starting since last month I have been in the process of catching up with delayed work derived from a series of very challenging situations last year!

Now that things are stable in my life and mind as they used to be, I have working extra hard to say thank you to that support!

Derived from that I figured it would be a good chance to showcase Librarium's current quality and creature type output nowadays  for Devs, TCG enthusiats, writers and anyone interested in more monsters in the same yet evolved artstyle !

Although the Librarium batch Libraries (The updated Master Library which featured these designs in the free ultrapack+ designs which were released through patreon ) clock at over 1200 Monster designs, containing both static and dragonbones animated creatures spanning the period between 2019 and early 2021,

Today what i'd like to focus on are the battlers which have been produced between mid 2021 towards early 2022, which although were created under very gloomy conditions, still retained quality as their highest priority, and are a good showcase of what Librarium is currently capable of delivering to your projects!

As you can see, the spirit of Librarium Assets doesn't change, but it certainly evolves with a constant search for quality as its guiding Mantra!

All of these battlers are available for grabs over at patreon right now (in fact in their base release form , up for grabs starting from the lowest $1 per update cycle pledge tier!), with many of them with scheduled dates to be animated and receive associated reward set content such as 4-direction map sprites, portraits, animated releases, etc, said schedule can be seen here, and will be updated on a monthly basis as well!

Said catch up Megapack will also be incorporated to the batch Libraries post tonight, so it's okay to visit the batch Libraries link to grab it!

From this point onward every month I will make a short devlog here to show the assets added to the Librarium batch libraries on that particular month for anyone interested!

Over here at I will also be reigniting several of the abandoned asset lines, primarily the Pixbattler line and the Librarium NPC's line of assets, natuirally of course, featuring the current highest output of my skill!

Hilda is a very good showcase example of what you can expect from Librarium in those asset lines!

I apologize to anyone I have let down, it will not happen again!

It's a new era for Librarium and I sincerely believe it is a great point to jump into our community if you are looking for a reliable source of RPG oriented assets! Looking forward to seeing you around!

Thank you!

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Hi there, sorry if this has already been answered, but will dragon tier patron rewards, like 4 directional map sprites, be obtainable to purchase on itch at some point? Or is there another way of obtaining them? I missed out on a few that I would really like to try to get someday.

yes they will! I'm actually uploading everything here on itch at the same time they get created, also if you previously already supported a set in particular between the catchup period and it has already been created let me know and I will send it or them your way! This period covers between July 2021 to May 2022, right now the catchup effort has wrapped up the June, May and April 2021 update cycles!



Glad to hear everything is back to normal Aekashics ^-^

I'm personally pretty excited to hear that Pixbattler and Librarium NPCs are coming back O3O


Thank you Cris!

Hope The new wave of Librarium assets inspire new game dev activity for you!