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Would these animations be appropriate for an open world survival/RPG type game?  Or is it just animations for battle?


Unfortunately in these case the animations are primarily oriented for battle, all rigs offer: 

  • Idle
  • A variable amount of attack motions, in most cases at least 3, sometimes even up to 9
  • Taking Damage

Hope that answers your question!

Well done! Do you have the keel collection bag of rpg maker MZ? I want to buy some.

Collection bag as in new battlers? :o


It's almost been a year since this has been updated.


Aekashics still makes battler, but I'm pretty sure it's a Patreon-only thing, if you want new battlers (something like 4~7 static, and 1 dragonbone if I remember) every months, then you need to go support him.

This is the patreon pack, lol.

I used to buy your content through the itcho website but don't see it available yet? Just curious!