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Hi, first of all, these are superb. Just wondering. I'm trying to make a TRPG (DnD mainly) content on youtube and i found your assets to be really helpful. Am i permitted to use this for commercial use outside of making a game? It's gonna be in a form of a playthrough live stream.


Hello Shadow!

Thanks for your interest!

You are permitted to use them with commercial purposes so long as credit behind the monsters is given out, either on the video where they are featured or the video description where they are featured!

Let me know if you have any other questions!


Thank you!

I love the masters, are there like items and characters as well? I want to make a complete card game using these resources. I'm good with the Patreon but want to know if I can get everything in the same art style. 

There are several humanoid characters available nowadays!

However items don't exist in battler format, however this does give me the idea to draw some weapons and items at some point!

is that the car for all your work or just this pack above?

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Cool! BTW, when it comes to game engines, are there any alterations I would need to do to make the static battlers work in VX Ace, or are they compatible as-is?


You might have to adapt these assets dimension wise to fit the screen size of your projects according to the engine you are using!

Awesome artwork!  For the bimonthly update cycles, is there a way to find out what is being released in each update reward cycle before you become a Patreon member, or do you have to pledge first on patreon before you find out what might be released?  I wanted to check because I am not sure what tier of Patreon to sign up for. Tier 5 seems to be the best because you get animated stuff, but then is the update cycle reward supposed to be unknown before you join or before its release?

Hello over here Meta!

To answer your question, the release roster is decided through community polls on a monthly basis, results are usually decided by the 15th of the month, each month!


Are you saying that this amazing work if free to download and use in both commercial and non commercial use?!?!?! 

Hello IwoMalki!

You can!You can find Librarium's terms of use in detail here:

Hey I did not find a way to contact so I will write a comment here I hope this is okay.  I am a small German Pen&PaperRPG  Author who sells maybe 30 Books or something of each work so its just a hobby if we are honest. I would love to use some of these as monsters in one of my new works but I wanted to ask if its okay as this is not video game related.

Hello Excaleben!

So long as credits are given out, you can!

I noticed that the dragon bones use custom action sequences, but they are all based on the old MV setup. MZ doesn't use note tags.... you also reference things like: 

//-- SlimeDefender -- Attack Settings (copy '#20 Attack' as a base)

#20 isn't an Attack in MZ. Heck, even the base empty MV only went to 10.

What are you referring to? If it was the demo project, that's a dead link now.

Just trying to figure out how to move forward with them in MZ, everything works well with the VisuaStella DragonBones -> just want to give that AI something to use.

Hello MasterTenchi!

The Ultrapack was released during the MV era so many  settings are legacy from that initial release (And the sample files available back then)

In MZ you need to create your own action sequences with the framework the visustella plugins established for it, but what matters in order to be able to do this are the Motion names, which are visible under the settings file for each release, for example :

Attack A

Attack B

Attack C

Let me know if you have more questions!

Hey there Aekashics!
I'm already about half-way through recreating the entire download.
Maybe once I'm done, I'll create a sample project with them all in there for use. :D 
Now if I can just stop being lazy..... mwahahahaaa... god I am getting old...


I was wondering: since I am a Dragon Tier, Where can I find the parts PSDs and etc. for that level? Strangely enough, I became rather good at the dragon bones. 

On a different note, I've left messages directly in Patron but no replies there. Where is the Discord server? Binding to it on the website doesn't add it to the Discord App.

Inquiring Minds Gotta Know!

Hello again MasterTenchi!

There was a delay in patreon notifications reaching my email, apologies! I have already reached out to you over there!

PSD files are available as part of reward sets for featured releases during specific periods, the reply I sent you over patreon breaks down better how rewards are delivered and accessed!

There is no Librarium Discord server, Patreon lists the feature but it only works for patreon campaigns that actually incorporate a server, I am not sure why it appears on my page as it seems as a setting I can't hide/unhide myself, at least based on my own attempts that was the case orz

How many simple animated characters can you make for $20?

So i have decided to stall my current RPG maker project and start a game on unity. And i am gonna go for a mini game within my game that players have to collect cards that they can battle against each other and the cards will come alive and battle  idk lol still working out how i want this to work. And ill be using this huge collection of wonderful art fir this portion of the game. Ill still be finishing the rpg maker game. But with off of your creatures i can make complete sets. I cant wait! Thanks for all the amazing work.

Best wishes for your upcoming project!

Hope you continue to find Librarium Materials useful!

I suggest you to try out GODOT (prefer over Unity). The jump from Unity is relatively easy.

I am a fan of RPG maker from China. I really like your works. I have joined the sponsorship queue! Look forward to you can continue to make better works! Love you!


Hello Wangfeihukimi!

Thanks for your kind words and interest!

Please look forward to future Librarium releases ! :D

I don't know why Petron blocked my account...

I really can't think of any other way now


China lol, its japan

hey these are amazing but i was wondering of i could use some of these for my game?

Hello ! In this world there are some heros... and you're one of them ! I'm developing a RPG alone so without you and your work, I'll can do anything... Really thank you, you're awesome ! Now you have new Dragon in your Patreon :D

Thank you very much for your kind words!

And welcome aboard! :D

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Hello, first i'm in love with your work, it's amazing, i foresee to buy most of your pack for my game and i would ask you if you mind to create one day Phoenix ashes (static battler) for the Phoenix ? (sorry if my english is bad)

Hello Lost Wisdom, thanks for your kind words!

Right now the idea has not been suggested by our community!

Typically suggestions for  new are made over at Librarium's suggestion box

coincidentally however I have a statics megapack projected to be completed by January 2021 and Phoenix ashes is among the battlers that will be included there, as we have several fire bird and phoenix releases in Librarium!

Thanks for your support!

Thank you for the fast answer, it's awesome, great coincidence, can't wait to see that !

Hello, I was wondering is it ok if I redraw your battlers for my game, in order to more so fit my own artstyle. I planned on crediting you regardless since these are your designs... but I was curious if that was ok. I feel it falls under edits, but I wanted to be sure.

Hello Zerobeat!

Thanks for reaching out! I don't see any problem as It does fall under edits, with the rest of Librarium terms of use applying to that output (Such as no redistribution outside of your game of edited assets, etc)

Have fun!

Ok, thank you so much for clarifying that for me! As I said, I'll be sure to credit you for designs. Have a good one.

Hi! I'm looking at your sprites, specifically the  map sprites, and I'm having trouble identifying which sprite set gets used for which enemy, since there's so many. Do you have a handy cheat sheet for what battlers go with which Big Monster Sheet? Thanks so much for all your hard work, these are amazing!


Unfortunately I don't have one right out of the box, but it is something ill consider adding eventually, thanks for the suggestion!

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Hey Aekashics, I downloaded a large ultra pack a while back that had 6 zodiac creatures in it... I was wondering if you ever released the other 6 creatures and if so, where can I find them?

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Hello Snarkyfork!

They were released sometime after January 2019, thus they are part of the Patreon backer batch libraries including the most up to date releases as well as all the releases after January 2019!

$1 pledge tier patrons get access to all previous and current animated & static base releases! 

Let me know if you have any further questions!

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Awesome man, thanks for the fast reply. I forgot that was where I found them, I think I still have you set up on Patreon. 

Edit: Hey, do you have a master list of all your work somewhere? Seems it's spread out over a couple different sites. I would love to take some time and look over everything again, I am just getting back into RPG Maker.

The master list is pinned in Librarium's patreon front page, and essentially links with access to the batch libraries link above ! :D

Will you ever make background images? Just curious bc i love your style ^_^

They are in the pipeline of work!

However they won't be tackled too soon, given various backgroudn tasks still needing completion! Please stay tuned :D

Thank you for replying. I will wait patiently, but eagerly :D
I'm a huge fan of everything you make, keep it up ^_^

Thank you!

Happy to hear that, please stay tuned! :D

Does this work with RPG Maker MZ?

It should!

I'm getting a lot of errors when trying to use the DragonBones, I tried to contact the Visustella people, but until now they didn't know what is causing the problem, I don't know if it's a compatibility problem with MZ or the plug-ins from Visustella ):


Im actually going over the process of checking some reported animated battlers, I will be fixing issues with the Virgel and Wukong battler this week, and I will be checking other battlers gradually!

Cool! I really wanted to use the DragonBones in my project, all the DragonBones I got from this mega pack are giving me a problem here, if you want I can send you a print of the error in the email.

Just list out the names of the battlers you have tried so far here!

A doubt, the sprites are compatible with RPG Maker VX Ace?

battler graphics would need to be redimensioned , but the map sprites are different, if I recall correctly, MV and MZ use a bigger size!

Does this work with the new RPG Maker MZ?


It should!

So remarkable! Thanks so much to the author! But where can I download or pay for Slime frontview map sprites?

Deleted 3 years ago

it was released as scheduled!

Deleted 2 years ago
Deleted 3 years ago
Deleted 3 years ago
Deleted 3 years ago

A new free animated megapack is coming on the 24th!

Deleted 3 years ago

btw how add your assets in the Rpg maker Mv?


For the static ones, just add them to the Enemies folder!

For animated ones, please refer to the dragonbones integration sample project!

ok thx!

hello good man. 

i love your assets, very detailed and quite beautiful sprites!

i'm creating a Game for my School Project and would use it as my CV to become a game Designer/developer. 

hope you see this comment!

Thanks for your interest! Best of luck!

thank you!

hello good sir. First of all sorry for my english xD
I love your assets :D 
Im creating a TCG game i just have the main idea, but i found our art so cool. Can i use it? how can i get the commercial use?

Have a good day sir. And one more time i love your work

Hello Adrian! The answer to both questions is yes, commercial usage is allowed, if the art will go on printed cards you just need to credit the name " aekashics " on them somewhere , in the same vein MTG credits card artwork!

Ok You are awesome :D I also will create an account on patreon and suscribe. :D :D :D 


Ohh! Looking forward to it! 

Amazing pack, I could just afford 5$ for now sorry, but definitely a worthy pack, just few things
- are the characters different in the DraginBones Animated Battlesr and MV format Animated Battlers
- are there any Orcs in the static poses

Thanks for your support Ash!

To answer your questions, There are more characters available in the Dragonbones animated battler format, and yes there is an Orcish archetype within the statics included into this ultrapack!

Again, thank you!

Could you make some characters for example: archer,knight,mage,monk etc.

They get regularly made on a monthly basis, driven by polls held in our patreon community!

hello! Aekashics, thanks for your reply , and sorry for my english

I saw lots of your brillant artworks in your community,  

but I'm little confused about the wisp tier and dragon tier when I saw the snapshot of your assets. 

the wisp tier is about static monsters just like the  samples on the right side of this comments,  but I found that the monters in dragon tier is pixel assets, so the spine and dragonbone animations is pixels, not the animated ones of the static monsters in wisp tier ?

thank you for your reply

best wishes!

This is amazing!

Thanks for your support! :D

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What's the difference with this and the paid one? I'd love to support you but there are too many packs I don't know what is the difference.

I want to buy the packs that don't include the monsters in here.

Which pack should I get If I want more monsters?

Btw I've just become your $5 Patron


if you just want to grab all the latest base releases you can join at the $1 per update cycle tier and gain access to the updated batch library, which features all the latest battlers!

Other paid packs here on my itch fall under two categories, Reward sets associated to base releases based on patreon's scheme, and new and different asset lines which don't fall under the content that is released on patreon! 

  Not sure how else to Contact you but is it ok to upload edited assets if they are Purely for getting peoples Opinions on Discord?
  I have 2 edits of your Mermaid done and wanted to get peoples opinions but I didn't want to upload the image showing all 3 unless you're ok with it.

 Note that it's not 3 individual images but just a single one to show comparison 

Thats fine!

I really really love your assets, its so amazing!!!

Do you have some assets bundles that contains all the skeleton and static projects for sale? thanks for your reply : )

Its coming soon actually! :D Please stay tuned!

OK!I’m looking forward that


First of all, really thanks for provinding this Pro work (I'd say God work!) for us for free. I'm using theses on my game. Is there a way to contact you? An e-mail? All the best and many thanks for the content.

Hello Raphael! You can contact me through twitter at any time!

Hi, I need some 4-Direction map sprites from your asset pack, which parton plan do you suggest to subscribe , Tir4? If i subscribe Tir4, can i get the 4-Direction map sprites of pass asset?


Dragon tier will give you access to 4-direction map sprites for releases featured during that month!

Sorry , there was a wrong spelling (pass asset).

Actually, i need some 4-direction map sprites of previous battlers, how can i get it?

Is that i need to subscribe specific month which have battlers i want?

Or can i give you a list that the 4-direction map sprites i want, then you give me a offer?

reward sets for previous sets can be purchased here through gumrroad , you can browse them by checking out my profile!

Really Cool!

Deleted 307 days ago
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Thanks for your interest and kind words!

is this 8 bit i would like to use these mob as bosses

not the classic 8 bit styles, but you are allowed to adapt them to fit the needs of your projects, as covered in the terms of use !

Hello,I'm making my own game engine~

Could I use these wonderful assets to make a game demo to teach my users how to use my game engine?


Yes, a tech demo certainly falls under the expected cases of use, following the crediting scheme presented under the terms of use!

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