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Animactors is a monthly series of character packs focused around skeletal animated heroes coupled with 4 emotion portraits! Each pack features 3 distinctive characters!

Ready to join us? Let's check out what's bundled inside Animactors Vol. I !

Characters featured

  • Dark Paladin Duran
  • Scythe Master Lixi
  • Sniper Nadia

Pack Contents

  • 3 Skeletal animated characters with 9 animations oriented towards RPG development!
  •  Bust portraits covering basic emotional range for each character! (4 emotions per character, 12 busts  total) This includes their full resolution PSD files, PNG Export files and RMMV format faceset!
  • PNG Exports for all animations so that you can easily assemble your sheets and sprites and bring these characters to any engine of your choice! 

Open up new venues of gameplay and visual communication with the flexibility the included motions provide! Animactors are shipped out with a run and walk animation which can be combined with plugins such as  https://atelieririna.itch.io/dragonbones-map-sprites  to be able to create MISTOVER style map exploration and roaming!

Full Terms of use

  • Use in any game engine – ok!
  • Commercial use – ok!
  • Non-commercial use – ok!
  • Edits for your project needs – ok!
  • Redistribution of content inside the pack - not allowed!
  • Redistribution of edited content from the pack – not allowed!
  • Scope of use outside of game development – Feel free to contact me! Usually always ok! 
  • Anything not covered – Feel free to contact me!



-Ækashics ヾ(o✪‿✪o)シ

Animactors will receive monthly releases in a fixed schedule, eventually allowing for very varied choices to create your party compositions! Please look forward to next month's entry!

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GenreRole Playing
Tagsanimated-characters, dragonbones, Dungeon Crawler, JRPG, RPG Maker, spine


Buy Now$15.00 USD or more

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How can I purchase more character packs

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Are there more Animactors? Like in Patreon? These are awesome!


I like it very much. Can you customize some actors for rmmz?

Is its available for patrons?

I absolutely love it, is there any plan to release more volumes?

Very cute :D

I absolutely love it! 🤩

How many character packs have you made?

This is the first one for this series!

More will be coming on a monthly basis

I really love your assets very very much, but what makes my confused is that all your assets were posted in many parts, and if I wanna buy them to make my own game projects, I don't know which one I should buy, do you have some bundles for sale ? including all the avatars and monsters, psd and skeleton projects, so I can bought that one. thanks for you reply  :   )

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hey was wondering if you can make dragonbones tutorial at some point? I would buy the course if you ever make one :D. Do you use adobe illustrator or something to make ur artwork?

It is an interesting idea worth considering!