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Hello Everyone, Aekashics here!

Looking for animated battlers to spice up your projects?

  • Need a huge Library of visually compatible assets for an upcoming Jam or project?
  • Need a huge array of creatures and characters with matching 4-direction map sprites?
  • Need these assets to not be restricted to an specific engine or format?

Librarium is the Answer for you!

Today we see the complete release for the Hell Manticore!

Librarium Complete releases feature all the associated dev assets for this release matching the Dragon Tier Patreon rewards!

This complete release features:

  • 4-Direction Map Sprite for the Featured Design
  • Dragonbones Skeletal animated battler(4 Attack Animations, Taking Damage and Idle) & Static Battler Exports!
  • Animation source files including the .Spine and .Dragonbones source projects so you can easily modify the rig and create your own animations!
  • Full Resolution Sliced up PSD file, great fo bringing the design to other formats such as cards, board games and more!
  • Full resolution Bust Portrait and crop!

Map Sprites to easily insert these designs into your stories!

  • Go above and beyond in battle with all the Attack Motion tools within the battler to create visually entertaining boss battles
  • Unleash the full potential of Librarium Skeletal Animated Battlers by taking advantage of the available attack motions and easily create visually appealing battles!
  • Hero Side Characters Feature assets from the Pixbattler series!

What is the Dragonbones Animated Battler format?

Let's allow our friends over at VisuStellaMZ to explain this powerful tool!


Bring this creature to your projects today!

Remeber, Librarium Battlers are:

  • Available to be used in any game engine, medium or format!
  • Available for usage in commercial projects without the need to pay extra royalties or hidden fees!
  • Fully visually compatible with Librarium's asset collection which features over 1,600 creature designs!
  • Full Terms of use available here: http://www.akashics.moe/terms-of-use/ !

Thanks for your support!

Interested in some Major Savings?

Join us on Patreon today and access this release along all the releases for the running month (AND their reward sets including everything you see on this complete release) at the $5 USD per update cycle Dragon tier!

As we have a total of Two update cycles every month, featuring a total of 16 new Creature designs,  

That is only $1.60 per Complete release a month!

$1 pledge tier patrons and above patrons can also access the Static battlers and front view map sprite for this and all previous static and animated releases through the batch Libraries found here! https://www.patreon.com/posts/librarium-batch-32517612

Save over 80% a month, power up your projects with a constant supply of characters and monsters, suggest your own monster ideas to be materialized  and access even more assets and benefits by joining us today!

Missed the running month for this release and joined at a later date? Not a fan of patreon?

No problemYou will be able to find this release along many others compiled in the Bi-monthly update cycle sets such as this one , also with a savings price ! Check out my main profile here on itch to find them! and don't forget to check out the Yearly compilations as well! 

Thank you for your interest!

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Your updates are absolutely outstanding as always!! I would love to see your work on a monster catcher asset set, have you ever considered it before?

Thank you Yanako!

I'm a fan of your work and contributions to the community! As the flow of monsters is dictated by our community over at patreon there are no immediate plans for monster catcher sets yet, but I never say never! I'm certainly interested in exploring more Librarium asset lines once the current bulk of work has been cleared :)

I understand you :) Thanks for the kind words!! That wouldn't happen to mean you knew about me already, would it?? 😳 I sometimes can't believe you're still making assets so consistently, I remember being super into your work years ago when I first started game development with RPG maker^^

oh, of course! I'm familiar with your project, very cool stuff! and dang haha I see! It certainly has been quite the journey! The monster designs these days are the direct evolution from all that early stuff, only possible thanks to the support and patience of many who believe in the project :) Happy to hear you found them appealing back then! Time sure flies

Wow, that's really touching to hear :) You're probably one of the first people I ever followed on itch, haha. I'm wondering how you learned about me! What a surprise X


Thank you! I see your work over at twitter being shared on a regular basis and I really like your spritework on it!