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Welcome to the Librarium Tileset!

The Librarium tileset is a set of pixelart tiles and props centered around Hubtowns, Airships and Dungeons!

The Librarium Tileset is available here on itch.io as a standalone purchase or available on patreon to Minotaur tier and above patrons!

The most recently updated areas are the Default Hub Town and Propeller Airship Areas, but there's also a considerable number of other areas available and that will be fully revamped to the standards above as time goes by!

  • Fire & Ice Elemental Caverns, Golden Castle, Basic dungeons, Sci Fi Caves, Crystal Crypt, Ocean Town! Once these areas are revamped, new hub towns, airship types and dungeons will be created!

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Buy Now$20.00 USD or more

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Hello, I really like your art style. I'm a bit curious if this map package is still being updated, because the update log seems to have not been updated for a while. Also, the name of the map pack is 2022, which also makes me a bit confused.

I have used translation software and I hope there are no issues with my speech...

Hello! Thank you! Updates are planned, but they have taken a backseat rececntly while I was focused in other Librarium content, I do plan for them to resume around march, the last update was documented in the dev log was on August 2023! 


If you have more questions let me know!

I'm glad to hear that. Thank you for your reply. The art works you have created are all very good, and I am looking forward to your updates!

Thanks for your support and interest! :D

hmmm may nab this next month. really happy with the freebies and the horror monster pack I nabbed tonight ^^

Hope you will find Librarium assets useful! :D

Is that green robed character a part of the asset pack?

she is part of this asset line:
https://itch.io/c/1342110/librarium-pixbattlers !


Ah, so she's Hilda then, cool

Oh my God these are freaking top notch !!!!!! that big sword and the crescent moon cafe sign are SO cool !!