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Pixbattlers is a series of RPG themed character assets featuring an animated SV sheet4-dir map spriteFull body Portrait and 4-Expression faceset, oriented towards providing alternative sets of characters to explore your game ideas with and fully in tune with Librarium's visual style!

  • RPG Maker MZ Optimized !
  • RPG Maker MV Compatible!
  • Non-engine restricted, bring these characters to your engine of choice!
  • Growing and on-going!
  • Fully visually compatible with thousands of Librarium Assets!

Today we see the release for Spellcaster Hilda!

Many members of our community have been patiently waiting for this release and it's finally time for it to make its debut and join your projects! With Spellcaster Hilda the Pixbattlers series is also officially re-ignited, thanks for your support!

Gifs & Screenshots feature an RPG Maker MZ Implementation powered with Battle Core Visustella MZ action sequences!

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Tags2D, animated-battler, battler, Characters, hero, Pixel Art, RPG Maker, RPG Maker MZ, Unity, unity-2d


Buy Now$5.00 USD or more

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Any plans for makin Pixbattlers that are 4 directions? I like these, although for a top-down game it doesn't work as cleanly for my use-case. 

Love the style though!

Aekashics If you have time, please repair this sv battle map. Thank you, Thanks♪(・ω・)ノ


Aekashics   以下是素材 问题,需要解决,图片规格不对应,游戏中出现了问题,她的模型(骨骼)(图块)大小比别人大很多! 

SV Sheet  (008 XXX  NO!!! )

SV Sheet  (003 XXX  NO!!! )

SV Sheet  (005  yes!!!   yes!!! yes!!!  √√√√√√ )

SV Sheet  (001=002=004=005=006=007  是同规格的  √ yes! )

相同=   不相同≠

SV Sheet  ( 003 008 是不同规格的 X no! )

003 008≠(001=002=004=005=006=007 )


Aekashics你可以修改一下嘛,他的模型比别人大一点,你的角色和龙骨动图我经常有买,我能力很弱没法调整,总会出错。(麻烦修改一下角色008的sv战斗图规格,如果能把003的也修改一下和其它sv战斗图规格一样那就更好 了,麻烦了Aekashics 万分感谢!!!)

Hello! Yes an update is quite overdue but definitely planned for these battler line, I'll take into consideratrion this feedback, thank you!

I bought this and when I use the SV actor in battle it isn't animating like all the others. Anything you can help me with on this?


Can you specify a bit on what you mean it doesn't move like the rest? Lets look into this!

他说的问题和我描述 问题相同,我们是同样的问题o(╥﹏╥)o

Recently started using the pixbattler line for a game I'm designing, loosely influenced by the Atelier series. I love their designs. I do hope the series continues.


It definitely will!

Hey Aekashics how do I send you a free copy of my game that I made?