Project Launch. The Concept as it stands right now!

Not gonna lie, this whole idea got started with me randomly drawing a few frontview pixel art busts while relaxing in-between work and commissions. But certainly random moments are where ideas blossom!

One month is a very very very limited time frame to develop anything, so if I am to be succesful in this venture, I will abide to a certain philosophy for anything Related to The Dungeon Crawlers...

Energy Conservation.

If x feature/asset/anything takes too long to make, it isnt fit for this venture.

Suffices to share with you fellow reader, the tileset for the dungeon you will find yourself crawling through in due time.

As far as gameplay goes, these are the ideas I will be playing around with for The Dungeon Crawlers:

  • There will be 3 Characters, The Warrior, The Rogue, And The Mage.
  • Combat will happen on-Screen, clicking on enemies to damage them, with the chance of also getting hit back, based on your evasion rate.
  • Information will be relayed instantly on-screen as well through battle logs.
  • Stats for damage calculation will come from a pool formed by the  sum x stat across all three party members.
  • As far as stats go, we will just have Attack, Vitality, Evasion Rate and Critical Rate.
  • Rooms will *not* be randomized, but routes may be.

Over the course of the weekend I will get started with the implementation of the basics of the combat established above!

See you on the next entry!


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