Picking up JS basics, implementing some more mechanics, deciding on visual look for monsters!


No entry yesterday as for the most part, I spent time working on other things and when it came to The Dungeon Crawlers, trying to uderstand how RM's script backend is interconnected.

I now have a basic idea of it!

Enough to see in action a very core aspect for the gameplay I am planning to incorporate into the Dungeon Crawlers.

On-screen damage pop-ups!

Through usage of already built-in functions in RM plus a few tweaks, this result was achieved!

Another Key aspect I was after for this venture,  was tile based movement. I got pointed in the direction of this script which already covers exactly what I wanted, so I saw no reason to not use it!


The plot thickens with more monsters around!

As far as mechanics go, thats the current state of things. 

With that implemented I also spent some time fiddling with ideas of what I might use as a style for enemy graphics down the line, arriving to this:

All enemies will be frontview in order to keep things time efficient, but that doesnt mean we cant have ultra basic animation for them such as:

Rudimentary but gets the job done!

Next entry will probably take 3 days, as I spend time working on other stuff, and then dealing with implementing a very basic action log at the bottom of the screen.

Many thanks to my good friends Yanfly and Liquidize for their technical input whenever I had questions!


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Would you mind if I asked how you got the on screen damage popups working? I've been looking to add something like this to one of my projects but haven't been able to figure it out.

Hello zarroc!

It's basically using the built in damage sprite class, tuned to display in the map scene! 

Oh.....I thought it’s gonna be First Person Viev or Side View battle something. It’s a simple tactic yet puzzle on map battle. 

Waiting for further update. Keep it up.