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Aekashics here, illustrator and hobbyst game developer in charge of http://www.akashics.moe/ ! A game development resource website focused on archetypical RPG inspired monsters.

This month, as a side project and programming learning experience, I have decided to undertake the development of a  short game called The Dungeon Crawlers.

As the name of the project implies, this game will be all about dungeon crawling, but more along the lines of what is typically seen in roguelikes. 

But it will certainly not be a roguelike. 

At this point I'm actually not even sure what The Dungeon Crawlers will end up playing and feeling like, but a start this loose is also part of the experience I am after with this endeavor.

As far as visuals go, the very few materials currently available, relay the idea of the atmosphere and graphic feel The Dungeon Crawlers will see.

If you are interested to see how this venture pans out, feel free to follow my progress through a series of devlog posts I will be doing over the course of December! 

Thanks in advance for your interest in my work. See you there!

Development log


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Do you need a composer!? I would love to offer my skills free of charge! I've been a fan of your work for a long time. Here's my portfolio! https://soundcloud.com/jazzind/sets/music-composition-portfolio I would love to work with you.

Thanks for your interest! you have really nice stuff there! can you contact me on twitter? 

sent a tweet your way my @ is @jazzind_

What engine gonna use?


RPG Maker MV of course :D!